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Tao of Rand

The Quote

We're living like kings! I'm having ice in my coke every night.
Jeff Rand (Added: January 7, 2005)

The Lesson

Needless to say, the simple criteria of having ice in your coke would not be enough to make everyone think they were living like kings. In this case Jeff was talking about "After the Apocalypse" a post-holocaust novel being created by Steve Donohue and Mark Bollman for the Winter Camp website.

What the quote really addresses though is expectations. If you correctly assess the situation you can make a good estimate of what you should expect and thus be happy with achieving at least that.

This is somewhat akin to aiming low to avoid disappointment, but is not the same. In this case, the expectation is based on a real determination of likely events based on the task, equipment, and skillset of the team. By adjusting the plan and your expectations based on the actual outcome you can make a determination of what the likely outcomes are. Once that is done, you can make a rational decision about moving forward with the project.