Rand Institute of Leadership



The philosophy of the school can be summed up rather simply:

There are two T's to leadership: You TELL and you TAKE.

That is it in a nutshell. There are many nuances to this and different words which might apply to these concepts, but in the end, the two T's tell the story.


This starts with a vision and mission that the leader shares with others. Being a good leader requires clear and concise communication. A leader must tell others what is expected of them. He must tell them the plan to gather their input and allow them to explain how they can help to achieve the goals.


The leader takes responsibility but delegates to others. A leader must take charge of the situation. He must seize the initiative and move forward towards the goal. Along the way he must take the advice of those whom he trusts, he must take help from those whom he considers reliable, and he must take the resources he needs to succeed.