Rand Institute of Leadership


The seed for the Rand Institute of Leadership was sown at Winter Camp XXV. At that event, Jeff Rand had the opportunity to share leadership advice with Sam Stocker and Ethan Rein.

This was no common grouping of men. All three were Eagle Scouts and Vigil Honor members. All would be Lodge chiefs of Migisi Opawgan Lodge. All had earned a wide range of leadership and service awards from Scouting and had attended and conducted innumerable leadership training sessions.

In a few brief words, Jeff summed up the truth about leadership:

There are two T's to leadership: You TELL and you TAKE.

This statement filled the hearts of Sam and Ethan with gladness. They had at last found a succinct summary of all they had known and learned about leadership through their many adventures.

The memory proved lasting and, through their enthusiasm, the Rand Institute of Leadership was born.